December 10, 2017

on my radar: christmas edition

On the 5th day of blogmas!
No surprise, the month is flying by quickly. I wish I had the whole month of December off from work. It's hard to enjoy the season and really get in the spirit when the work week is slowly killing me. Really gotta take advantage of every minute of the weekends! I've got my eye on a few things to share for this special edition of 'on my radar'.

Lifetime/Hallmark movies • I have been recording these movies like crazy. They are so cheesy but kind of homey and comforting at the same time. I have a few set up for next weekend. I can't wait to start watching all the movies I have stocked up on the DVR. They are perfect for weeknights!

Homemade cinnamon rolls • After many blah attempts at making homemade cinnamon rolls, I think I finally found some success with a recipe. I did a test run this weekend, and I'm actually really happy with how they taste! I'll be making these for Christmas morning.

Cookies + Brunch get-together • Next weekend I'll be getting together with my cousins for a little brunch + cookie baking. Sounds like it's going to be super cute and festive. Can't wait for some good food and good company :)

Christmas break reunions • Truly the most wonderful time of the year because all of my friends will be back in town for Christmas. I only see some of them a few times a year so it's a big deal when we can all get together and catch up.

Real Christmas movies • I take Christmas movie traditions very seriously. The really good, classic, Christmas spirit type of movies that I have to watch every year. They make the season real. I like to line those up starting in the second half of December to perfectly lead up to Christmas Eve. Can't wait to start next weekend!

2018 resolutions/goals • Time to start thinking about what changes I'll be making next year! I'm pretty good at new years resolutions and have been able to gradually make a lot of healthy lifestyle changes over the last few years. Excited to see how far I can take it!

A Christmas Story: Live • I haven't seen much promotion for this event but happened to scroll across in on my instagram ads a few days ago. I love watching the live shows put on by networks. I watch this movie every year and can't wait to see this show! Sunday December 17 at 7pm on fox!

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