July 26, 2017

my favorite things to do on mackinac island

Last summer I posted this Mackinac Island Travel Guide (UPDATED!) with all the information you need to plan a trip to the island! I recently updated it with even more content. Every time I go, I learn about more places and things to do. Since I go so often, I thought I would share what my typical long weekend on the island looks like and what I like to do there.

• Pink Pony is my favorite dinner spot. Depending on the weather, sitting outside or on their upper deck is really nice. I always get the BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich with sweet potato fries. Sometimes I will get a rum runner drink for fun.

• Poppins! I always go in to Poppins 2 or 3 times when I'm visiting the island. It's my favorite store to browse and spend time in.

• Walk along Main St and Market St. Even though I never buy anything, I always walk up and down the streets in town. Just to see what's new and different things in town.

• Ice cream at Moomers! I always get the toffee coffee ice cream! I like to take my ice cream over to the Harbor or Marquette Park.

• Explore the Lake Shore Dr. boardwalk that runs in front of the school or Pontiac Trail Head (just off of W Bluff Rd). Take a walk and enjoy the views!

• Ice cream at Sadie's at The Grand Hotel is a new favorite spot. It's super cute, and I like to get a mix of toasted coconut and coffee lover ice cream. Sadie's is open to the public and doesn't require hotel admission fee!

• I always spend some time on the Mission Point front lawn. I pack some snacks, a drink, headphones, and pull up a white chair. I love to people watch, soak up the sun, watch the water, listen to a podcast, or just chat.

• Walk along the water. There is a path right along the water that goes from The Greens of Mackinac Restaurant to just before Arch Rock. (Google Maps calls it the Dennis O. Cawthorne Shoreline Trail). Also, the Lake Shore Dr. boardwalk along the water near the school has a great view of the bridge and some pretty homes.

• If I'm up for an early morning, I like to pick up an iced latte from The Lucky Bean and walk along the boardwalk mentioned above. It is so pretty and relaxing.

• Sneak onto the Grand Hotel property. There are a few different ways of doing this, but I love sitting in the pretty front yard area or exploring all the rooms inside and different floors.

• It's fun to bike to/explore a new spot each time I visit. There are trails all over the place. Last time we were on the trails in the woods somewhere between Mission Point and Arch Rock. We ended up following some dirt paths through the trees and found a cute hidden lookout spot.

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