March 31, 2017

march favorites

What I have been loving this month!

Tired Eyes - EP by Katelyn Tarver. i've been following katelyn since she was on american juniors (american idol spin-off). so exciting to hear her new music. i love her new EP and have been playing it on spotify a ton. she's on soundcloud too!

Hacksaw Ridge
. i had no idea what this movie was about but just heard about it from the oscar buzz. it was really good!

The Flash. i finally caught up on the episodes that started after Christmas. binge watching an action show makes it that much more intense. definitely recommend this show if you're looking for a new one!

Downy Unstoppable In-Wash Scent Booster in "fresh"
. i know this is a super random laundry favorite, but this scent is amazing. i'm trying to figure out how to diy a car air freshener with this scent.

Grey's Anatomy. i'm in deep with this show again. the drama sucks me in every time. i'm trying to slow down a bit since i'm almost caught up with what is available on netflix.

About Time
. i love this movie and was so happy to catch it on tv one night. it had been a few years since i last saw it. i ordered the dvd on amazon the next day.

The Great British Baking Show. i kept hearing about the obsession with this show and then one of my friends started watching. she loved it and passed on the recommendation. i like it a lot better than the american baking shows. it's refreshingly simple and less gimick-y. there are 4 seasons on netflix!

Snake Chain Choker Necklace from Urban Outfitters. So simple and delicate and pretty! The size is adjustable so it can be worn like a choker but i like to wear it looser like a short necklace.

Divide by Ed Sheeran. huge shout-out to my friend that bought the cd and passed the music along to me. i've been listening to the album nonstop. some really great lyrics on this one!

Sully. this movie was so interesting! i remember when the event happened but the movie did a great job telling more of the story that the public might not have known.

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