March 8, 2017

20 hours in chicago

I made a quick trip to Chicago over the weekend to watch my brother's college a cappella group compete in the ICCA Semifinals. ICCA is the international championship of college a cappella. If you've ever seen Pitch Perfect, this is the real life version of their competition. The groups are amazing and so fun to watch.

We were only there for 20 hours but I made sure to squeeze in some tourist stuff before the event. The event and our hotel were directly across from Grant Park, and we were able to see Shedd Aquarium from our window. We walked all the way up the park areas until we got to the famous "Bean" at the north end. From there we decided to go see the river since we were so close. By this time, I was started to get so cold and the strong wind wasn't helping. After the 30 minute walk back to our hotel, I was frozen. We grabbed a quick dinner at the restaurant attached to the hotel and then made our way to The Auditorium Theater of Roosevelt University to watch the ICCA Semifinals. We watched 10 groups perform their sets, and they were all amazing. Of course, we thought my brother's group was the best. So proud!

The next morning, our group took an early trip back to the "Bean" to get some pictures without the normal crowd. We were there around 8:30 a.m. and it was perfect. More groups started showing up when we left so I'm glad we went that early. My favorite breakfast place is Yolk, and what do you know, there was one directly next door to the hotel. I was so excited (The picture of Yolk below was taken from my hotel room window). So of course we walked straight to Yolk and had breakfast.

Some quick notes about my beloved Yolk: 1) The plates are huge. Make sure you are super hungry when you arrive. You will be full for 8 hours. You could probably split with a friend or take half home for later. 2) I usually get the build your own scrambler. This comes with tons of fruit and two giant pancakes. These are the best pancakes I've ever had. And they taste just as amazing when taken home and warmed up later.


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