December 8, 2016

making a family cookbook: part 4

On the 4th day of blogmas..
While on a family vacation a couple years ago, we decided to make a family cookbook. It would be recipes from aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. This year it was finally completed! Read ahead to learn how it went from an idea to finished books. This project will be broken up into 4 parts: 1. Getting started, collecting recipes, and taking pictures, 2. Organizing the book and design, 3. Naming the book and making the cover, 4. Printing and finished book reveal.

Part 4: Printing and finished book reveal

1. Select a printer and get a quote. After searching around for months, I finally found a printer that could print the book like I wanted. I wanted an 8.5"x11" Wire-O bound booklet printed in color with a full bleed. I chose to print my project with MGX Copy and am so happy with how everything went. They have a quote estimator on the website which was super helpful once I knew how many copies of the book I would be ordering. I put in all my information and they quoted me the price + shipping. It would be about $24 which was great because I was aiming for $25 or less! Then I decided I wanted to further customize the front and back cover material. When I called with this request, she was more than happy to put together the custom quote and emailed me that night. Her quote was $20 cheaper than the website estimator! Not sure how that happened but I was happy. I looked online for any promo codes but couldn't find one. But when I called and asked about any, they told me about a promo code for 30% off! I saved over $100 and the books ended up being $20 each.

2. Have 1 or 2 people proof read the book. After looking at it every day for almost 2 months, I couldn't see the errors right in front of my eyes. I went through the whole document and checked for continuity (with things like abbreviations, measurements, etc,) font size, spellcheck, missing words, punctuation, etc. Then I had my mom read the entire book and check for those things. When I thought everything was absolutely perfect, I sent it to the printer. The great thing about this printer is that they have a representative review your project to check for any kind of errors and then send you a proof of the final product before they send it to the printer. I'm so glad I had this second chance because the printer found a few big errors that I overlooked. I was able to send in the corrected pages and she sent me the revised proof the next day. Once I approved the proof, it was sent to the printing queue.

3. Deliver the finished book! The books arrived the night before Thanksgiving and I had planned to hand them out when everyone was together for the holiday. Unfortunately, the books arrived with a page missing so I couldn't give them out. MGX Copy was so great about fixing the order. I called them that night and they immediately put in the order for a full reprint at no cost to me and rushed the process. I had the new books just a few days later. I would definitely work with them again! Even though I wasn't able to hand out all the books to family on Thanksgiving, I still wanted everyone to be able to see the finished product together. So I brought a few of the books to our Thanksgiving get-together and passed them around. It was so cool watching everyone flip through them. They got to open them together and see their recipes and other surprises inside. Being the holiday season, it was easy to pass out the corrected copies when I saw family over the next couple weeks.

This project was my baby for many, many months and I really enjoyed working on it. I already know I'll be putting together something like this for my own family someday. I learned a lot and can't wait to put together a new design someday!

Part 1: Getting started, collecting recipes, and taking food pictures
Part 2: 
Organizing the book and design
Part 3: 
Naming the book and making the cover

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