December 14, 2016

diy christmas sign

On the 7th day of blogmas
This idea came about when I realized that one of my previous DIY Halloween decorations could be made into a 2-in-1 holiday decoration. Last year, my cousins and I made these for our October craft club. I love having it up on the mantel through Thanksgiving. How convenient would it be if I could just turn it around and have a Christmas decoration on the back side?! So I went to work.

I stained and white washed the back side and found a template of one of my favorite Christmas lyrics. In a basic photo application, I flipped the image so it was mirrored. I used excel to spread the image over 2 pages so it would be large enough for my wood board (the wood is 15"x18"). When I was ready to transfer the image to my wood board, I used this tutorial for wax paper transfers. This took me 4 attempts to get a good print. I found that taping the wax paper to a sheet of printer paper helped the process. When I finally got one that was the best, I applied the wax paper to the wood. Unfortunately the best I could get out of my printer was smudged at the very edge but I was careful to not apply that part of the ink. Then I printed the second half of the image and repeated. A couple pieces of scotch tape helped to hold the 2nd sheet of wax paper in place after I lined up the words.

Once my template was on the board, I used a skinny sharpie to outline the design and draw the edge that didn't print well. I finished by coloring everything in with a big, black sharpie. This took a little bit of time but was easy to do while watching something on TV. I love how it turned out!


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