December 16, 2016

christmas hair tutorial

On the 8th day of blogmas
Today I'm talking about a simple up-do for any upcoming holiday events. I added 5 golden rings ;) for a Christmas touch. (This would also be really cute in the summer with little flowers or for a wedding with a sparkly hair pin!)

Supplies: spin bobby pins, bobby pins, clear elastics, 5 gold rings

1. Start with pigtail dutch braids. Divide hair down the middle, and use a light zig-zag motion to part so the hairline doesn't look too perfect and obvious. Start each braid at least 3 inches back from the hairline and don't braid super tight. Complete two dutch braids and secure with clear elastics. Pull apart the braid pieces to give a fuller and relaxed look.
2. Use the two braids to tie a knot. For long hair, tie a second knot and let it sit above the first. Use two spin bobby pins to secure the braid knots. Angle them down and toward the middle part. Crossing them will provide the best hold.
3. Wrap the left over braids under and over the braid knot. Secure with bobby pins as you lay the braids in place.
4. Add 5 gold rings! I did the same thing as this but cut the wire so there wasn't an overlap. Open the rings and place them in pairs or alone. Squeeze the rings closed.
5. Finishing touches! Look in a mirror to adjust the face framing of the up-do. Pull out little pieces around the hairline and pull the beginning of the braid looser so it has more of a relaxed swoop in to the braid instead of being pulled straight back from the hairline. If the hairline in the back is too obvious, loosen the hair on either side that goes in to the dutch braid. The loose hair and the imperfect part will help cover it.

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