December 10, 2016

caramel apple hot toddy

On the 5th day of blogmas...
I found this recipe last Thanksgiving and finally got around to making it this season! I've made it a few times now and tweaked it just a bit. This is great for groups and so simple to make. Just warm it all up on the stove and then everyone has a warm drink in hand!

6 oz. Smirnoff Kissed Caramel Vodka
36 oz. Apple cider
2 oz. Bourbon
2-3 Cinnamon sticks
Cool whip or whipped cream

Yield: 6 drinks

1. Combine Vodka, Apple Cider, Bourbon, and Cinnamon Sticks in a stove-top pan.
2. Heat and simmer until ready to drink.
3. When ready to drink, pout Hot Toddy into heat-proof mugs and place a large dollop of Cool whip or whipped cream on top.
4. If the drink is too hot, add a splash of cold cider.

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