November 30, 2016

making a family cookbook: part 3

While on a family vacation a couple years ago, we decided to make a family cookbook. It would be recipes from aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. This year it was finally completed! Read ahead to learn how it went from an idea to finished books. This project will be broken up into 4 parts: 1. Getting started, collecting recipes, and taking pictures, 2. Organizing the book and design, 3. Naming the book and making the cover, 4. Printing and finished book reveal.

Part 3: Naming the book and making the cover

1. Think out loud and ask around for name ideas. When it came to naming the book, I of course wanted to think of something amazing. It needed to be clever and creative. I wanted something unique to fill the front cover instead of just "Wright Family Cookbook 2016". Boring. I wanted people to be able to reference the book by its name, not "the family cookbook". At dinner one night, I asked the table to help me think of a name. I told them I was open to something creative with our last name, food puns, rhymes, etc. My dad immediately came up with a whole list of ideas but it was my brother who had the golden answer: Wright Bite. I knew right away that was the name of the book.

2. Design the front cover. Just like the name, I wanted something unique for the cover. I didn't want a plain white page with the title font in the middle. It didn't need to look professional but I wanted it to look better than a 7th grade school project. I knew I wanted the image to be a lay-flat design on a textured background. I played around with the idea of purchasing a stock image or doing all the staging and photographing myself. When I couldn't find a stock image exactly like I wanted, I decided to try making the cover image all on my own. I got out my 18" marble pastry board and set up my make-shift photography studio in front of the window. I looked around for some props and ended up grabbing some measuring spoons, a whisk, knife, and fork. Going along with the minimal design, I chose props that were black and silver. I cleaned up the photo in photoshop and added the title font. Since the book had a unique name, I made sure to include a second line for the family cookbook title and year. 

The title font is Chasing Embers!

Part 1: Getting started, collecting recipes, and taking food pictures
Part 2: 
Organizing the book and design
Part 4: Printing and finished book reveal

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