October 28, 2016

october favorites

Favorites from this month!

Wine Tour. i planned a girls weekend wine tour with my aunts and cousins. it was so fun and every stop was beautiful!

Circles - Jana Kramer. i can't stop listening to this song! love the video too

Low-rise Super Skinny Jean Leggings
. i decided to step outside of my confort zone and buy some green pants. these are super soft and the perfect color

This Town - Niall Horan. i heard this on the radio and had to shazam it. i was like who is this kid? it reminded me of the one direction song "little things" and then i found out it was one of them doing a solo career! love the song

"Cider Lane" 3-Wick Candle. this bath & body works candle smells like a caramel apple! i love having it lit while i'm getting work done at my computer

Sit Still, Look Pretty - Daya (album). i've been a fan ever since i heard "sit still, look pretty' as a single last fall. she just released an album and i've been playing it on repeat

Long Sleeve Cable Pullover Sweater. i am cold all the time so i'm always on the hunt for a good sweater. i picked this one up in 3 colors

Still Into You - Ashley Tisdale (feat. Chris French). i'm completely obsessed with this cover. i like this arrangement more than the original and feel like it gives the lyrics the meaning and attention they were always meant to have. it's so cute

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