October 31, 2016

birthday week

I like to celebrate my birthday all week long. Maybe longer. I never do anything big for my birthday but I celebrate by getting into a "treat yo self" mindset. It's the little things (favorite foods, movies, etc). This year, the celebrating was more like birthday weekS. Here are some pictures from birthday week!

October 28, 2016

october favorites

Favorites from this month!

Wine Tour. i planned a girls weekend wine tour with my aunts and cousins. it was so fun and every stop was beautiful!

Circles - Jana Kramer. i can't stop listening to this song! love the video too

Low-rise Super Skinny Jean Leggings
. i decided to step outside of my confort zone and buy some green pants. these are super soft and the perfect color

This Town - Niall Horan. i heard this on the radio and had to shazam it. i was like who is this kid? it reminded me of the one direction song "little things" and then i found out it was one of them doing a solo career! love the song

"Cider Lane" 3-Wick Candle. this bath & body works candle smells like a caramel apple! i love having it lit while i'm getting work done at my computer

Sit Still, Look Pretty - Daya (album). i've been a fan ever since i heard "sit still, look pretty' as a single last fall. she just released an album and i've been playing it on repeat

Long Sleeve Cable Pullover Sweater. i am cold all the time so i'm always on the hunt for a good sweater. i picked this one up in 3 colors

Still Into You - Ashley Tisdale (feat. Chris French). i'm completely obsessed with this cover. i like this arrangement more than the original and feel like it gives the lyrics the meaning and attention they were always meant to have. it's so cute
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