August 31, 2016

august favorites

Some of my favorite things from this month!

USA Muscle Tank from Target. This was a step outside of my normal style but turned out to be one of my favorite tanks this summer. it's sooooo soft and comfy. plus I got a lot of use out of it between july 4th, the olympics, and memorial day

Diffuser. a spontaneous purchase but i'm loving it. the day after i bought this, the radio was talking about how dumb they are and that only hippie stay at home moms use them haha. I got a great deal on some essential oils on amazon and have been using the lavender oil in the diffuser every single night.

Bachelor in Paradise. it's so bad that it's so good. it's fun to watch and a fun conversation topic with many of my friends. 

Amazon Fire TV Stick. another spontaneous purchase from amazon prime day. this is great for watching my favorite YouTube channels or some netflix before bed

Pretty Little Liars. this is always a favorite in the summer. i don't love all the story lines but they just make everything so intense that i'm always hooked. looking forward to seeing how they wrap up the final season in the spring

"Can't Stop the Feeling!" music video. my family made another lip-sync music video while we were up north this year. we had so much fun making it!

Xhilaration Pajama Shorts. these shorts are so cute! not a fan of the tank that came with the set but the shorts make up for it. they're super soft and fun for summer

Lex Loves Los. i never really followed these two (alexa vega and carlos pena) before but then they started vlogging, and now i'm completely obsessed. i watch their newest vlog every night before i go to sleep. it's my favorite part of my day

Fiji by Essie. always a nail polish staple for me in the summer

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