June 30, 2016

june favorites

A few of my favorite things from this month!

iPhone 6s. on june 4th i finally upgraded my phone and joined the rest of the world in the 21st century. i had been using my lg env3 flip phone for 7 years. And boy did i use it till it could be used no more. the struggle was very real, and my life has changed in ways you will probably never understand. and sorry to anyone that i accidentally facetimed because i'm like a senior citizen trying to use it

Chicago. i spent the weekend staying with a friend at her apartment in a chicago neighborhood. it was so fun to experience the city living like a local!

Girls. i cannot stop watching this show. i love it. i had to limit myself to only one episode a night or else i would watch it all in one sitting.

Pink a Card nail polish. this perfect light pink is one of my go-to colors for the summer and i've been wearing it all month

Mackinac Island. it's so nice to go up to the island and just relax. no pressure to cram in all the touristy things since we go so often. it's like the island is our playground.


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