June 24, 2016

favorite travel products

I love traveling but I hate packing a bunch of stuff. Nothing like preparing for a vacation to make me realize how high maintenance I can be. When I go on a trip, I like to take as little as possible. Less to carry and less to deal with. I take only the essentials and remind myself that I probably won't even use/wear half of it on the trip. With all the traveling I've done lately, it's been easier to just leave all my travel products on my shelf so I can grab and go.

1. Batiste Dry Shampoo. I have never been a fan of dry shampoo. They usually smell good but I felt like they did nothing for my hair. Just made it staticy and never gave me extra time before the next wash. This one was different. After using it, my hair actually felt FRESH again. This one actually did the job! I pick up the travel size at target.

2. Hanging/Standing Travel Mirror. Sometimes there is just no mirror on vacation. Or it's always in use and I can't get any time in front of one. I picked up this travel mirror from bed bath and beyond. It's so much easier to just bring my own mirror so I can be on my own schedule and not have to worry about it. This one is nice because it can be propped up at any angle to stand on a table or something, and it can also hang. So no matter your surroundings on a trip, you can always pull out this mirror.

3. Travel Containers. I like to buy the small 1-3oz plastic containers from target to fill with all my shampoo, conditioner, face cleanser, moisturizers, etc. I usually fill them about halfway and use them through out the rest of my summer trips. So I'm not wasting a bunch of space with 4 full size bottles and worrying about leaks. I put all the travel containers in a large zip lock bag for extra leak prevention. The Container Store is another great option.

4. Small Cosmetic Pouch. I have a few of these. One is used for my contacts container, q-tips, cotton rounds, travel size makeup remover. Second one is used for a razor, toothbrush, toothpaste. If I use a 3rd one, it is to store a few jewelry items (with straws on the necklaces to keep them from getting tangled). The Container Store is a great option for these too!

5. Cleansing Face Wipes. These face wipes are so versatile and perfect for traveling. The wipes are large so I cut mine in half and get twice the use! Great for before bed after a late night, when you don't have sink access to wash your face in the morning, or for a quick "airport shower" when you're desperate and out of time.

6. Refresher Spray/Body Mist. My favorite refresher spray was one I used in middle school from Pink and they stopped making it. It was light, citrousy, and simple. Perfect for after gym class or on the go. My new go-to has been this grapefruit scent from Victoria's Secret. I buy the travel size every other summer and it lasts me forever. I only use it on vacation because it's not heavy like a perfume but still leaves a nice smell. I like to use it before going to town or dinner after a long day in the water and sun.

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