April 29, 2016

april favorites

What I've been loving lately!

The People v. O.J. Simpson. i was young when this happened and i've always been so curious about this story that captivated the country. it was really interesting to watch how it all played out.

Wedding video. earlier this month i got to film my cousin's wedding video! i had the best time doing wedding stuff with the whole family and being able to test my video skills

The Willis Family + album. i am so fascinated by large families and this one especially because of their career in the music industry. i watched nearly the whole series this month and then downloaded their recent album to play on repeat.

Cashew Cranberry & Almond Trail Mix. perfect for travel or snacking in front of the tv

Grey's Anatomy. i watched the show live up through season 8. so this month i started on season 9 and i am sucked in all over again. can't. stop. watching.

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