March 31, 2016

march favorites

Piece by Piece  by Kelly Clarkson. both versions are great but i had the idol version of the song playing on a loop. you can watch her beautifully heartbreaking performance of this song on american idol here

Fuller House. I didn't really want this show to happen because I didn't want one of my favorite childhood shows to be ruined. I watched with very low expectations and ended up loving it. I think there is a fine line between reviving a show the right way and reviving a show by relying way too much on the original show and trying to making it exactly the same and it being weird to watch. They did a great job. The perfect amount of throwbacks balanced with a whole new show.

Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande. i love when she does this kind of song and we can hear her amazing talent

New York City by The Chainsmokers. this one gets stuck in my head but i love it

The Martian. i never got around to seeing this movie in theaters but it's out on dvd now! really liked it.

Pageant Material by Kacey Musgraves. the whole album! i love her lyrics and simple songs

Work From Home by Fifth Harmony. love when this song comes on the radio. it's the best

Peter Pan by Kelsea Ballerini. love the sound of this song

Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll. just finished this book! definitely recommend

Stressed Out by twenty on pilots. another favorite when it comes on the radio. these lyrics are so relatable

Pillowtalk by Zayn. surprised myself with how much i've been liking his solo stuff

Patina eyeshadow by MAC. like the dark horse of eyeshadows. it's so light and simple but it really adds the perfect touch

Cake by The Ocean by DNCE. this is just so catchy, i always want to sing along

Love yourself by Justin Bieber. another great one when it comes on the radio

Hands & Hearts by Katrina Stone. this song is so upbeat and fun. belongs in a summer video or something

American Idol Finale. I was an extremely loyal fan all the way up through the first half of season 9. I had to quit the show when I got too frustrated with the wrong things happening. I was way too into it and the pressure of voting and stressing about the right people getting through was taking over. But watching every week was such a big part of my life. I watched with most of my family and then talked about it at school the next day with all my friends. We all watched it. I learned all the classic songs from watching performances on the show and the themed weeks. I used to be an american idol encyclopedia when it came to contestants and which season they were on and what songs they sang. With this being the last season ever, I had to watch. I've seen some different rotations of judges but I have to say the final panel was probably the best since the original (which was only good because it was the original). They finally got it right with this panel. Anyway, this season had good parts and bad but the finale to the series was absolutely perfect. It seemed like everyone came back and it was the most bittersweet homecoming. It made the current season's final two contestants seem like an afterthought but I didn't care at that point. It really wasn't about them anymore, and I think that was fine. The finale was so well done and the perfect send off that I wanted to see for a show so important to my childhood.

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