March 16, 2016

diy confetti

I had a vision of what I wanted for this baby shower in my head. I wanted large circle confetti in "baby pastel" colors sprinkled around the centerpieces. I searched the stores and every corner of the internet and just couldn't find anything that matched the image in my head. So I decided to make my own. It sounds like a tedious job, but it really wasn't bad. I would do it again. It does take some time, but it was an easy task to do while watching tv.
I picked up 4 colors of tissue paper: light pink, light blue, light yellow, and light green. In the paper and scrapbook section of the craft store, I picked up a Fiskars 0.6" circle lever punch. I love this little gadget so much! It was the perfect size circle and even has a "confetti catcher" on the bottom.
I kept the tissue paper folded to 6 sheets and ran the punch along the bottom. After about 6-8 punches, I would empty the "confetti catcher" and separate each circle in to a tupperware container.
Continue punching and repeat with different colors until it looks like a good mix!

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