March 9, 2016

chalkboard lettering

A few months ago I made this chalkboard with the idea that it could be used for decoration at all of the various events coming up in the next couple of years. The board was made from some fiberboard cut to 24"x37.5" at Home Depot. For the frame, I purchased a very long piece of white molding and cut it into 4 pieces at a 45ยบ angle to fit the board. After a few coats of chalkboard paint, I used "liquid nails" glue to secure the frame pieces to the board.

Now to get in to the chalkboard lettering from the baby shower!
After selecting my fonts (KG Two is Better Than One and CK Carolyn), I typed the phrase in Excel so that they would bleed to multiple pages at the large size I would need. Viewing Excel at about 30% helps. Mine printed on 7 pages.
After trimming excess paper, I arranged them how I wanted on the chalkboard. 
Starting with the first paper, flip it over and rub the side of a piece of chalk all over where there are letters on the other side.
Place the paper chalk-side-down on the board where you want it and lightly tape it in place. Use a ball point pen to trace the letters. 
When you remove the paper, a chalk stencil remains.
Trace and fill the letters with a piece of chalk. Go slowly so that the lines stay smooth! Blow away any remaining chalk dust or keep a microfiber cloth nearby.

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