February 29, 2016

february favorites

Some of my favorites from the last few weeks!

Winnie the Pooh baby shower. this baby shower was so much fun to plan! i got to make a lot of the decorations and help with the games

Scandal. finally got on this bandwagon and ended up watching the entire series on netflix in about 7 weeks. i couldn't stop watching and it was taking over my every thought. 

Homemade granola. i never realized how easy it is to make my own granola! now i make a big batch every week and eat it with my acai smoothie bowls. makes the house smell really good too

The Girl on the Train. this one had a bit of a slow start for me but is definitely worth it. when i was almost done reading it i found out that they're making a movie! can't wait to see it

Ear jackets. i'm obsessed with this look! i had been seeing this style on celebrities instagrams ever since the summer but didn't know how to google them. i finally saw them in a store and had to ask the employee what the style was called. now i want to buy them all

Know-It-All by Alessia Cara. she is so talented! i listened to her whole album most of the month

Kiehl's. about half of my products are kiehl's at this point. and lately i've been loving my deluxe sample sizes of the midnight recovery concentrate and super multi-corrective cream. they are perfect for travel and i love the products! go to the kiehl's counter at nordstrom and ask for samples! they give out pretty good sized samples

The Choice movie. this was textbook nicholas sparks. no surprises. but i love anything summery and small town so i still enjoyed it. definitely better than the more recent movies

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