December 16, 2015

tinsel nail art

On the 8th day of blogmas!
If you have tinsel, you can do this.

Clear base & top coat polish (I used Sally Hansen Double Duty)
Color nail polish (I used Sally Hansen Ruby Do)

For the tinsel, just cut 2 small pieces from a garland or silver tree branch. And because I'm using a dark colored polish, I started with a clear base coat to prevent staining.
Make sure the color polish is completely dry before starting with the tinsel. If it's not totally set, sometimes the final coat of clear polish can drag the color over the tinsel and ruin it.
Try the small piece of tinsel on a nail to see how it fits and trim if needed. Use the clear polish brush and tweezers to get a tiny bit of clear polish on the back of the tinsel. 
 Lay the tinsel in the middle and use the tweezers to push down the ends in to place.
If there is too much clear polish on the back of the tinsel it might ooze out the sides. The final coat of clear polish will take care of this. Finish with a clear top coat nail polish to seal in the tinsel and smooth out any imperfections.

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