December 6, 2015

light up word

On the 3rd day of blogmas!
I love the look of marquee signs but I just didn't have the time or supplies to make one this season. Maybe next year! In the meantime, I gathered what I had and made this light up word to add to my Christmas decor.

14 gauge jewelry wire
wire cutters and/or pliers
small battery powered string lights (mine are from RH)
I started by shaping some silver 14 gauge jewelry wire into the word "merry". I used my fingers for this but pliers would also work. Just make they are jewelry pliers or don't have any teeth that will mark up the wire. 
Once my word was created, I cut the wire and filed down the sharp edge with a nail file. My wire word measured about 8 inches. 
Start wrapping the string lights around the wire, making sure the lights are hitting crucial parts of each letter. 
My string lights measured 5 feet and I was able to complete my word with about 6 inches remaining + the battery pack. When on display, this can easily be tucked behind something.
For display, I sit it on the edge of a table or shelf and use the "y" to stabilize it. Adjust the dip of the "y" by pulling forwards and backwards until the word sits by itself. Any word that doesn't have a "basement" dip letter can easily be propped up against something for display. 

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