December 18, 2015

gift card envelope

On the 9th day of blogmas!
It's that time of the season. The stores are all out of gift boxes, tissue paper, and any complimentary wrapping to help during the holidays. I recently purchased a gift card and they didn't have anything to put in it or card to write the amount on. So I made my own! I found this template and scaled it down to fit a gift card. I made it so that the dashed line rectangle was 3.45 inches wide.
 Use the template to cut out the envelope on festive scrapbook paper.
Starting with the bottom, fold the flaps in to create the shape.
To secure the flaps without showing any tape, place tape on the inside of the bottom flap with half of the sticky side on the white.
Lay the bottom flap flat and the fold in the two sides over the tape. 

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