December 20, 2015

christmas poop

On the 10th day of blogmas!
Yep, Christmas poop. This is really fun if you have kids around or just want some decorations that will make people laugh. I first saw these when I was in elementary school and someone brought them home from a school party. We thought it was so funny. Now you can print out pre-made tags and they have a variety of rhymes to go with different characters. They have snowman poop, elf poop, reindeer poop, etc.

Use these in stockings, as party favors, bathroom decoration, work party white elephant gift, whatever!

Card stock paper
Plastic treat bags
Chocolate covered raisins
I made my own tags using some clipart images and the rhymes I liked best. Mine are about 3 inches wide and I left room at the top to make a fold over tag. Put a border on it, and I was good to go.
I decided to make two different types of tags. The reindeer tag is a fold over tag, so I left paper above the rectangle to fold in half. The snowman tag is a hole punch tag that will be looped with the tie.
Fill one bag with marshmallows and use a twist tie to wrap the tag around the top of the bag.
Fill the second bag with chocolate covered raisins (could also use raisins, chocolate chips, etc) and fold the tag over the top of the bag. Secure with two staples.

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