November 25, 2015

christmas countdown

I love any kind of Christmas countdown. It's truly the most wonderful time of the year so why not take advantage of any festive way to countdown and add to the holiday spirit. This year, I added this toilet paper roll advent craft. This takes a bit a preplanning since you will need to collect 25 empty toilet paper rolls. If you can't collect enough in time, there are definitely ways to customize this craft. If you can only collect 4, change it to a weekly countdown.

Let's get started. I started by typing up 25 christmas countdown activities. If you can't think of enough activities, turn to Google or Pinterest for ideas. I then spaced them out on the paper knowing I would be cutting them in to strips later. Once they were cut, I used scissors to curl each strip just like you would ribbon. Try doing it on an angle for a nice spiral. Once those were done, I started on the toilet paper rolls. After flattening the roll I folded half of the top end in and dotted some hot glue. Fold in the other side of that end and secure in the glue.

I filled each roll with one activity strip and one piece of chocolate. This can easily be customized to a 4 week countdown by adding 7 activity strips and a handful of chocolates. To close the other side of the roll I followed the same procedure. Fold half of the end in and dot some hot glue. Fold in the other side of that end and secure in glue. Now to decorate the outside! There are endless possibilities for this last step. I happened to have some red and white baking twine and wrapped them up with that. Open throughout the season and enjoy the activities and chocolate!

coming soon: blogmas 2015 
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