October 7, 2015

going away gift

I'm in that post-grad part of life when all the friends I've had for years and even since high school are moving away. They are getting exciting real world jobs and starting their adult lives in cities all over the country. I'm so excited for them but so sad to see everyone leave. It's getting a little lonely post-grad. But now I have all these great places to visit! I wanted to send my friends away with something special so I put together this Michigan frame. It was inspired by some state-themed items I saw on Etsy, but I decided to make my own so that I could make each one a little different and tailored to the recipient. I love how they turned out and that my friends will have a piece of home in their new place.

I started with a trip to the local scrapbook store to pick out the perfect print for each friend. With some help from google, I printed out a template of Michigan that would fit my frame. After cutting out the Michigan template, I taped it face down to the back of the scrapbook paper.  When the Michigan shaped print was cut out, I centered it on a piece of white card stock paper. Since Michigan is a two-part state, I used the template scraps to line up the peninsulas correctly. Once everything was in place the way I wanted, they were taped down and placed it in a black 5x7 frame from Target. Lastly, I wrapped each gift in a map of their new home state.

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