August 31, 2015

august favorites

Forever 21 "High Tech Pocket Capri" pants. i lived in these workout pants all summer. they are so comfy and don't stretch out. great fit & material.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner. decided to try out a new liner this summer, and so far i like it a lot

Pretty Little Liars. a very answer-packed finale! I still have a lot of questions but it was exciting to see the series all come together i first discovered this company when one of my favorite youtubers meghan released a collection on their site. they have all kinds of temporary tattoos (regular, color, glow in the dark, holographic, words, shapes, customized, etc) that look amazing. check out the site or shop her collection here

Bachelor in Paradise. i've never watched this spinoff before but my mom got me hooked this season. the drama was addicting and sometimes painful, but i loved rooting for my favorite couples

Maybelline "Bad to the Bronze" eyeshadow. i recently rediscovered this color tattoo eyeshadow and became obsessed all over again. i forgot how nice it looks!

LuLu*s. i have been loving this online store! they have such cute clothes, and i always want everything. it's become my favorite place to shop for dresses for any event. sign up for their emails to get promo codes! they also have excellent customer service :)

August 10, 2015

summer vacation essentials

This is not a packing list. Everybody already knows they need to bring clothes on summer vacation. I'm talking about the extra stuff to make the most out of a summer vacation. All summer I've been collecting things here and there to bring on my family trip up north. It's a big group that likes to do activities so I had fun packing all of this. Some staples + some fun extras. I'm currently up north with the group, and here's what I brought!

Metallic Tattoos. I'm obsessed with these and being on away on vacation seems like the only appropriate time and place to have fun with metallic tattoos. I purchased the popular (and expensive) Flash Tattoos in Lena from Nordstrom. And then a couple weeks later found these ones at Kohl's on sale for $4.80. So I brought those too! For more options, check out this collection.

Swim Suits + Cover. Bring all the swim suits! I have an addiction to buying swim suits. I buy an embarrassing amount but I just keep seeing the cute new ones and feel like I need them in my collection. Anyway, I bring a lot of swim suits. That way I'll always have a dry one to put on.

Nail Polish // Wraps. I always do my nails the night before a vacation. That way they will look their best and hopefully not chip until the very end of the trip. I usually go for my brightest pink/coral (24/7, Flip Flop Fantasy) so that I look tan, but this year I'm more in to the neutral polish (Topless & Barefoot, Fiji, Pink a Card). I bring the polish with me for touch ups. Nail wraps are another great option. These are super cute and hassle free mani's with designs all over Etsy.

Camera. Whether it's a phone, DSLR, iPod, point-and-shoot, or polaroid, I need something to document the trip!

Light Hoodie // Zip-up. It gets cold at night, and the mosquitos come out. I bring a light crew neck or hoodie to throw on for bonfires or other night activities. I like ones that have the city name on them or in a color that makes me look tan. I brought this one from Kohl's. And if you're feeling preppy, these are really cute.

Popcorn. Who doesn't love popcorn?! Bring a bag for game night at the cottage. I brought one kettle and one butter.

Hair Chalk. Dip dyed hair is not as popular anymore but I still love the temporary hair chalk version on occasion. Just like the metallic tattoos, I feel that being away on vacation is only appropriate time and place to have fun with hair chalk. Tutorials are all over YouTube and Blogs. I got mine from an art supply store but brands all over the place have come out with their own hair chalk products. Have some fun!

The "Throw on Dress". That simple dress that's lightweight, flattering, and can just be thrown on when needed. My favorite is this one from Kohl's.

SPF. Bring all the SPF! I'm talking spray, lotion, chapstick, face, hair, everything. It's no fun being a lobster on vacation.

Baked Goods. Another thing I like to do the night before a vacation is bake something for the group. Rice Krispies are simple to make and always a crowd pleaser. For my family, I like to bake milky way cookies for the week ahead.

A Cute Bag. My weekender bag is the perfect size for the my summer vacations. In addition, a small cosmetic/clutch size bag is a great thing to bring. I always take one and use it for stuff like hair ties/pins, makeup, small electronic accessories, or even a purse.

Portable Speaker. This is really nice to have for time spent soaking up the sun on the dock or a spontaneous dance party. One with a bluetooth or chain feature is even better. I brought this one.

Lights. Fun lighting can instantly make anything more exciting and special. Use them for glow-in-the-dark tag, a night hike/bike, midnight swim, spontaneous dance party, etc. Whether its sparklers, glow sticks, or a colorful party light, it will make a memorable vacation.

Small Notebook. Paper is essential to our family vacations. Most nights turn into game nights and we always need paper for teams and keeping score. It also comes in handy for taking dinner orders, organizing tournament brackets, superlative awards, etc. My 9.5x6" notebook is the perfect size and the pages are lined! Don't forget a pen!

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August 7, 2015

trail mix

A DIY trail mix is the perfect snack for a road trip. They are easily customizable for a healthy mix or a more desert type mix. My only advice is to avoid solid chocolate. Even chocolate covered is risky in the heat of a car. I was making this mix to eat at home, so I added in the chocolate covered almonds I had. M&M's are pretty safe since they're candy coated. Here's my mix made of my favorite bits and whatever I already had in the kitchen. Shake it up in a large tupperware container or gallon zip-lock bag and you're good to go!

Check out this article for more trail mix ideas and my previous post for road trip essentials!

August 4, 2015

road trip essentials

This summer I've had a lot of fun road trips with family and friends. Nothing crazy long, but a solid 5-6 hours across my state. I've always loved long car rides like these that led to summer vacations. We could do so much in the car! Eat snacks, watch movies, play games, see the sights, listen to music, etc. It's fun to set up your seat with some essentials and settle in for the long ride. Here are my must-haves for a road trip with family or friends.

1) Magazines. I like to bring one gossip/fashion/pop culture obsessed magazine and one home design/lifestyle magazine. Try People, People StyleWatch, HGTV Magazine, or Better Homes and Gardens.

2) Sunglasses. They look cute and protect your eyes from all that sun.

3) Candy. I always make a trip to Target before leaving and pick up a bag of candy. Make sure to avoid anything with chocolate since it can get messy in summer weather. Try skittlesmini chewy sweetarts, or starburst.

4) GPS. I always have a GPS with me in the front seat on these trips. A real GPS, not a smartphone. Yes, you could use a smartphone GPS, but you probably won't want to for an entire 6 hour drive. It would also be a good idea to have a real paper fold up map somewhere in the car. Just in case.

5) Playlist or Mix CD. Make a massive playlist or a few mix CDs to serve as the soundtrack of your road trip adventure. Start with all the current summer hits and add in some classic throwbacks that everyone will know the words to and almost entire albums from your favorite artists. Have family or friends pick some of their favorites to add as well so everyone has songs to look forward to.

6) Camera + extra batteries. Gotta capture these moments! I always have my point-and-shoot digital camera, iPod camera, and DSLR camera with me on these trips. Yes, it's a lot to carry but I like my cameras. And I have a charged back-up battery for all of these. Try Canon ELPH series or Canon EOS Rebel series. A polaroid camera would be fun too!

7) DIY Trail Mix. Snacks are crucial for a successful road trip! I think a customized trail mix is perfect for passing around the car and sharing with everybody. Add as many or as little ingredients as you want and store in a large tupperware or gallon zip lock bag for the ride. Blog post coming soon! In the meantime, try this article for ideas.

8) Car charger. I have thought about this many times and still do not own a car charger. It's always a good idea to have a car charger. I wish I had one.

9) Audiobook. This is an alternative to the playlist/mix CD suggestion. Depending on who is in the car, listening to an audiobook of a popular series could be fun! When I was little, my family listened to the entire 4th Harry Potter book (on cassette tape) while driving to Florida. We loved it. Try Audible for a free 30-day trial and your first two books free! Just make sure to cancel before your charged for the next month. Or check your library for audiobooks that can be downloaded for free!
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