July 10, 2015

pallet benches

Every summer I become obsessed with my backyard. I always have a bunch of ideas to make our backyard space even better. Some of them happen and some of them don't. This summer, it was the pallet benches I saw all over pinterest. We definitely needed some extra seating so this was an easy pick. There are a million varieties of this project on pinterest so we just looked at a few pictures and made up our own version. My dad and I finished the benches in a few days and we think they look great on our patio!

To start, we decided that we wanted 4 separate units that were 3 ft x 2 ft and we would put two side by side to make two 6 ft benches. We started with 8 pallets that were 3 ft x 4 ft. Each one was cut in half so that the two pieces were now 3 ft x 2 ft. Each unit was then built starting from the bottom. First, a 4x4 post cut to 6" long to act as the "feet" of the bench. Second, one pallet section. Third, some scrap 2x4 pieces of wood were used as "spacers" to get the height we wanted. Next, one pallet section. Finally, we had some plywood cut to fit the top of the bench. Rough edges were sanded down, and the benches were sealed with a waterproof spray.

The trickiest part was nailing the pieces together. Most of the nails were hammered in on an angle. As for the cushions, I wanted to make them myself but then realized I was looking at $200 dollars for all of the weatherproof fabric + two cushions. My mom ended up finding a great deal on lounge chair cushions at Target. They are about 4 inches too long, but for $30 for a cushion that's totally fine with us.

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