July 14, 2015

girl tip: beauty bargains

Here's a tip I learned after years and years of shopping for makeup.

First of all, don't buy your drugstore brand makeup or skincare from Ulta. They have ridiculous prices for drugstore brand (revlon, maybelline, covergirl, neutrogena, etc.) products. Only shop there if you're looking for the high end brands (urban decay, stila, smashbox, benefit, etc.) or something like that. Even with their weekly coupon, I don't think I ever get a good deal. I recommend Target or a CVS/Walgreens type store for the lower prices and usually a sale.

But the tip for this post is to buy drugstore brand beauty products at Bed, Bath & Beyond. If you're lucky enough to have a Bed, Bath & Beyond with a Beauty/Health section, take advantage of it! They have normal prices and you can use a 20% off coupon on every item. I'm always collecting those coupons from mail ads and email blasts. Next time you need a new mascara or want a new nail polish color for vacation, grab a 20% off coupon and check Bed, Bath & Beyond first!


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