June 5, 2015

a concert addiction

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend my 5th Taylor Swift concert. And just like always she put on a great show and we had so much fun dancing and singing along with her. Someday, I'll get to meet her. Maybe #6 will be lucky :)

Here's a little story.

In my ~10 years of being a concert-goer, I've spent a lot of time trying to win tickets in contests. And half of the time this was for a Taylor Swift concert. I would wait by the radio for the magic words and then call repeatedly in hopes of being a winner (and they did this like 5x a day). I got a lot of busy signals.

In November 2014, I woke up at 9 am to buy tickets for Taylor's 1989 World Tour with my pre-sale code. The radio was on in the kitchen and we heard they were giving away tickets every hour at 20 minutes after. Sure, why not? So me and my mom called in repeatedly with no luck. Pre-sale tickets went on-sale at 10am, and I had my usual panic attack in the process of buying tickets before they sold out. Success.

We still had the radio on and they were about to giveaway the next set of tickets. Sure, why not? So me and my mom called in repeatedly. I kept getting busy signals like usual and continued to browse the internet while calling in. And then some guy asked me my name. I was so confused as to what was happening. Who is this? Did I call the wrong number? He said I as a winner and asked me what I won. Wait, what? I was so confused and in shock that I answered in kind of a question because I needed him to confirm for me. He did and I FREAKED OUT. I had a physical reaction. I remember screaming and actually rolling around on the ground because my legs felt like jello. This was unreal. All those years of calling in for radio contests and I just won tickets to see my favorite. It was a dream come true.

He told me to wait on the line and they would get all of my info. So I waited and went over to the radio waiting for the song to end. I was about to be on the radio! The song ended and they played a recording of when I answered the call. Haha I thought I was going to be talking live after the song ended, but no it was the earlier conversation. I don't know anything about radio. Anyway, I waited on the phone for someone to take my information but after about 5 minutes I realized my phone dropped the call. PANIC. I called them back and told them I had just won and didn't give my info. They thanked me for calling back and took my information. RELIEF.

And every once in a while I listen to the radio clip and remember how crazy excited I was in that moment. Here's the audio clip!


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