June 9, 2015

girl tip: nail polish

Here's a tip I learned from the girls at my internship. It changed my life. (dramatization)

You know how you have to plan your whole day around painting your nails? I always have to make sure I went to the bathroom, ate some food, pulled my hair back, put my headphones in, etc before starting to paint my nails. Because my nails take hours and hours to completely dry, I have to plan on being handless for a considerable chunk of the day. And even when I've waited hours and hours, the polish is still soft and easily dented. I also have to paint them at least 10 hours before bed because any later than that would leave sheet marks on my nails the next morning. It's a struggle.

And then a friend told me she puts her nail polish in the fridge before using it. Mind blown. If you put nail polish in the fridge for at least 20 minutes before using it, the polish is cold and goes on thinner. And I don't mean streaky and sheer thinner, just a thinner texture. Nails dry completely in a fraction of the time. I'm talking like 15 minutes and you can move on with your day.

Now I put my nail polish in the fridge the night before I plan to paint my nails. I use two coats like usual and sometimes use a top coat if I have time. After about 15 minutes, my nails are dry and the polish is hard. I usually run cold water over my nails for a minute to lock in the polish. Give it a try!

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