June 23, 2015

cake-off 2015

A group of our friends have an annual Cake-off every summer, and this year I knew exactly what I wanted to make (I had been planning this for a few years). I worked on this cake for about 24 hours (with breaks for a little sleep and other things). It was a very long task and drove me crazy at times. But after a very long night and making emergency runs to the grocery store, it was worth it.

The house was made of rice krispies for a sturdy base, white cake layered on top and rice krispies for the roof. I used color fondant for the house and black sugar paper for the roof, door, and windows. The porch railing was made of lollipop sticks. And as for the trickiest part of the cake (for structure and weight reasons), the balloons were made of gobstopper candies glued to a styrofoam egg. I used a wooden rod to attach the balloon structure to the house and secure in the rice krispies base. Black thread was glued to the styrofoam egg as balloon strings and tied to the wooden rod.

This was very tricky to transport! But it was worth it because people had very nice things to say about the "UP house" cake. And I won!


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