May 31, 2015

may favorites

What I've been loving this month!

Home renovation shows. i can't get enough of property brothers and fixer upper

Mackinac Island. my long weekend here was much needed and the perfect kick-off to my post-grad summer

Shay Mitchell. i'm obsessed with her right now. youtube is my life so when shay started a youtube channel and joined the youtube community, she became even cooler to me. i love her travel videos and style. so cool to see her vlogging!

Simple Skincare Cleansing Facial Wipes. these are so great for traveling! it comes with 25 wipes but i usually cut them in half and they're still a good size. lasts twice as long!

Taylor Swift. been listening to her a lot lately and her concert was so much fun! i learned about the site from ashton kutcher and was easily hooked

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. this was a twisted book but i couldn't stop reading

**Jergens Natural Glow: Instant Sun Sunless Tanning Mousse. i haven't used jergens self-tanners in a while but tried this new one when i got it in a VoxBox. i love it! develops a really nice color after 2 applications and doesn't have the strong smell of their gradual self-tan lotion. it's my new favorite

Justin Bieber Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. i loved this video so much, you have to watch it!

Snapseed App. this is amazing for selective adjustments to a picture that needs some brightening, contrast, or saturation in one area

**I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

May 27, 2015

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May 22, 2015

let's chat: post-grad

What are you doing after college? Do you have a job yet? What are your summer plans? Do you have a job yet? Where have you applied for a job? Do you have a job yet? Do you want to stay in Michigan? Do you have a job yet?

Not surprisingly, I've been getting these questions from friends, family and even strangers since January. I know this is the standard small talk topic of conversation, and no one is trying to annoy or upset me, but I'm really done with this conversation. They just ask a simple, logical question to keep up the conversation. I usually say anything and laugh it off politely. And now that I've just finished school, I know I will get this question even more.

My answer is no. Right now, I have no immediate career plans after school. Attending college was never really high on my to-do list when I was growing up, and I didn't particularly love it while I was there. So I'm going to spend a couple months doing what I want to do. And I'm excited about that. I'm excited to pursue my other interests and cross some things off my bucket list. Some people are super supportive and cool with this while other people are super judgmental and terrible. As soon as people ask and then give me that look like what is she doing with her life?, it's hard to be so confident. Of course I care if everyone thinks I'm just being lazy and not doing anything with my life. I hate it. But then I think about how excited I am to do things I actually care about and want to do. In the words of Kacey Musgraves, "We only have so many trips round the sun".

And in the words of Taylor Swift, "I don't know what I want, so don't ask me. Cause I'm still trying to figure it out".

May 20, 2015

going places: mackinac island

We had the best time visiting my brother on Mackinac Island! It was the perfect vacation to kick off my summer! Can't wait to go back again soon.
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