April 29, 2015

april favorites

What I've been loving this month!

Google Docs/Slides. <-- the real mvp. these have been a lifesaver with all of my end of the year group projects.

Number & Letter Balloons. i cannot get enough of these. i want them for every occasion! they're really inexpensive and i can't stop

Teen Mom. okay so i haven't watched this show in years and randomly decided to watch this OG season. so cool to see what everyone is doing all these years later. i'm hooked all over again

Carrots + Hummus. i've been on such a carrot kick lately and this combo has been my favorite snack

Younger. i'll admit i only watched the pilot because hilary duff was in it. but i ended up liking it and i've continued to watch every week

Heads in Beds by Jacob Tomsky. this is a memoir of all the crazy stories that come from working in the hotel industry. and since i am graduating with a degree in hospitality and have been learning about all things hotel for the past 4 years, this book was amazing. this book is really interesting, and i think anyone that has ever stayed at a hotel would enjoy it

Open Knit Cardigan by Mossimo Supply Co. i have this in the green color and it's become my new favorite cardigan. i wear it all the time!

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