January 30, 2015

december/january favorites

Gilligan & O'Malley Flannel Pajama Set  from Target. i wore these on christmas eve and then lived in them for many days over break. they are so comfy and really cute!

Merona Oversized Plaid Scarf in Multicolored  from Target. i went a little out of my style comfort zone with this, but i'm so happy i got it because i wear it all the time now!

Gray Leggings from Francesca's. gray is my favorite color to wear so i did not hesitate when these were on sale. i've been living in them these past few months

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer. got this for free (sample) at sephora and who doesn't love free high-end makeup?!

MAC "Quarry" eyeshadow. rediscovered this really pretty shade and wore it almost every day over break

Ruby Do nail polish by Sally Hansen. this was my holiday season obsession! i love the color because it's just enough of a twist from a classic red. i wore it for like 3 weeks straight

Don't Trust the B in Apt 23. this little show was really enjoyable. i laughed, i cringed, and i watched the entire series in a week. too bad it was cancelled after just 2 seasons

Arrested Development. i watched a lot of this show over break and finally caught up!

Property Brothers. another obsession that started over break. i marathoned this show and became obsessed with home renovations.

Grey's Anatomy. currently on season 4 and working hard to finish! (i know i have a long way to go..)

Parenthood. this is such an important favorite that i'm writing a whole post about it. coming soon!

Naked Juice Strawberry Banana Smoothie. strawberry banana smoothies are one of my favorite things in the world. i finally decided to try the naked brand and fell in love. you mean i can pick up a SB smoothie whenever i want now??

Thomas' Maple French Toast bagels welcome back into my life!! my eyes actually watered when i saw this limited edition flavor back on the shelves

Dutch Blitz card game. i became so obsessed with this quick card game. must. win. every. round.

SSX Tricky video game. throwback to my childhood! we brought this back from the video game graveyard while we were all home for the holidays

The Sims 3. because i was really in to home renovations and i can build the home(s) of my dreams on the sims!

Clue board game. i was really obsessed with this game too. i just had to solve it first!

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. holy cow. this book took over my every thought and messed with my mind. so good and i can't wait to see the movie now

Little Do You Know by Alex & Sierra. i listen to this on repeat, it is so pretty!

Podcasts. i'm loving podcasts! the obsession started over the summer when i was driving between school and home every weekend. They're great for my car rides home and 20 min bus rides to campus. i just love listening to conversation and discussion with different people and opinions. *adds to bucket list*


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