December 16, 2014

diy mason jar luminaries

On the 4th day of blogmas!
I love candles and string lights around the holidays, and these mason jar luminaries are the perfect addition to my Christmas lighting obsession. The jars have a really pretty snow/ice effect that looks really cool with the light shining through! They are great in mismatched groups of 3 as a centerpiece or side table decor. I think they would also be perfect as driveway, sidewalk, or porch lighting to light a path for guests (or santa).

I used clean mason jars, mod podge, and epsom salt. I usually save the mason jars from cooking with pasta sauce so I didn't need to spend money on new ones! First, I poured a little mod podge into the jar and used a small foam brush (i only had a giant one so i cut it to a custom size) to coat the inside. Make sure you are brushing a thin layer and there are no globs. Before the mod podge dries, pour a few spoon fulls of the epson salt into the jar. Rotate until the entire inside is coated with salt. Don't forget to turn it upside-down and give it a few shakes over a plate to get rid of excess salt. Once the luminaries are dry, drop in a tea light candle and enjoy the lighting!
and yes one light is brighter than the other. that one tea light had a very weak flame haha

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