September 21, 2014

let's chat

Sometimes I just feel like writing.

It's weird that I'm in my senior year of college. This is it. My final chapter of school. I love the idea of being done with homework, studying, walking 20 minutes to class in the freezing cold, etc. I'm excited to make some adult decisions about where my life is going and take on bigger projects. But I'm going to miss the people. I'll miss the friends I always sit with in class. I'll probably never see them again. Once we graduate, everyone will go in their own direction at some fancy adult job. Sure I'll see their updates on Facebook and wish them happy birthday, but these friendships will probably never be the same as when we saw each other 3 times a week in class.

Then there are my roommates. They've become my best friends over the past few years and I can't imagine my life with out them. But we'll all be moving on in about 8 months. When this comes up in conversation, we have to immediately change the subject. It's too sad, and we don't want to think about it. Then there are my high school friends. I love that our group has stayed close friends after all these years despite the distance between colleges. It's easy to keep in touch and updated on everyone's lives since we all end up in our hometown during school breaks. But what happens when they get fancy adult jobs in other states, and they don't regularly go back to our hometown? They're my best friends too, and I can't imagine my life without them. It's weird to think about. It's weird to think about growing up.

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