July 9, 2014

apt diy: wood signs

This was one of my favorite and least favorite DIYs. I have mixed feelings. At times this project was a pain in my butt and super frustrating, but I LOVE how it turned out. First of all, this was inspired by this video which was inspired by Brandy Melville. Let's get started.

Supplies included an 8' piece of wood, wood stain, brushes, paper, tape, and various colors paint. Most hardware stores will cut the wood for you for free so I had them cut my wood into 3 different sizes. Once I got home, I used a foam brush to apply two coats of stain to all sides of the wood. About two weeks later, I was ready to paint on words. I chose to make my own template so that I had full control over font, size, spacing, etc. I used Microsoft Word to print the letters on card stock paper and then cut out the letters so that I had the outline left. I used Delicate Surface FrogTape to secure the template on the wood and started to fill the letters with paint. I used a circle spongey kind of brush to kind of stamp on the color. After 2-3 coats of paint, I removed the paper template and finished with a sealing top coat of clear spray paint over the entire sign. Since I can't put nails in my rented apartment walls, I used 2-3 velcro command strips to hang them on the walls. In addition to this "Home Sweet Home" sign, I also made this wood sign.

Okay, now some advice for anyone that tries this DIY:
1. The wood was about eight inches wide and I think this size worked really well for the letters
2. After staining the wood, wait as long as you can before using tape or color paint on the wood
3. Use a thicker paper like card stock for printing your own template
4. For reference, the "Home Sweet Home" sign was made using Oswald Regular font in size 290
5. Use a stamping motion to paint the letters and be careful on any edges or corners of the letters to make sure you get a crisp line.
6. The Delicate Surface FrogTape left marks all over my sign. I would say don't use this tape, but I have no idea what else you would use. Even tape that was only on the wood for 30 min took off the stain. It wasn't pretty.
7. If the tape takes off the wood stain, use a dry foam brush to very carefully apply a small about of stain and then smudge/buff it in. Kind of risky, but it worked well for me to correct the marks.
8. Use as little tape as possible, just in case it ruins the stain


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