July 23, 2014

apt diy: wall art

Ready to hang some toilet paper rolls as wall art?!

Yes, toilet paper roll wall art. Friends and family thought I was a little weird but I saved toilet paper and paper towel rolls for months. Super easy to collect since everyone uses these items! Once I had enough, I flattened them and cut them into 1 inch sections. Then I got out the hot glue gun and started glueing them together! Make up whatever pattern you want! I chose to start with 6 pieces in the very center and worked my way outward. I continued the glueing pattern until it was about 12 inches wide.

Using a bronze spray paint from a previous DIY, I gave the wall art a nice coat of paint for a finished look. Secured to the wall with a command strip and now my entry way is a little more inviting. This DIY cost me $0.00 so i'm very happy with the new decorations!


1 comment

  1. Beautiful!! Great decoration idea! Now come do my walls......:)


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