June 23, 2014

what's new with me?

What's new with me? Well........

1. i finished my junior year of college
2. i moved out of my apartment
3. i changed my summer plans
4. i moved back in to my apartment
5. i started a new job/internship
6. i began summer classes

That's all the big stuff. Of course I've also been busy with normal life stuff like family, friends, summer activities, stress, etc. And that's pretty much why I haven't been posting a lot. The blog took a back seat for about a month because of life. I guess i'm an adult now.

I'm back to blogging now and can't wait to share some of the posts I've been working on. Things are changing a little here on Dakota Avenue, and I hope that's okay. I created this blog 3 years ago which was the summer before I started college. I've changed a bit since then and want my blog to reflect that. Get excited!

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