June 30, 2014

june favorites

A few of my favorite things this month!
this pic was taken by my lovely roommate kelly

Twenty One Pilots. right now i'm loving "house of gold" and "car radio"

French Lavender. this scent from bath & body works immediately reminded me of a familiar smell from from my summers up north. you know when a certain scent triggers a good memory and transports you there??

Kit Kat bars. i've really been loving kit kat bars this month. don't really know where this came from

Country music. i've always liked country music and it seems to be taking over my summer playlist this year

Black. okay i know this is an odd favorite, but i'm really loving the color black. i keep buying black clothes even though it's finally summer

VSCO app. i've been using this photo editing app a lot recently and i really like the simplicity of it

5 Seconds of Summer. i fully support the boy band comeback and these boys are making some catchy songs. I can't not sing along to "she looks so perfect"

Watermelon Lemonade. another perfect summer scent from bath & body works. like i wish i could drink it because it smells so good

"Girls Chase Boys" - Ingrid Michaelson. another song i'm loving right now! 

Top knots. i can't get enough of top knots. ever since something clicked and i discovered my top knot technique, i wear them almost every day. 

June 23, 2014

what's new with me?

What's new with me? Well........

1. i finished my junior year of college
2. i moved out of my apartment
3. i changed my summer plans
4. i moved back in to my apartment
5. i started a new job/internship
6. i began summer classes

That's all the big stuff. Of course I've also been busy with normal life stuff like family, friends, summer activities, stress, etc. And that's pretty much why I haven't been posting a lot. The blog took a back seat for about a month because of life. I guess i'm an adult now.

I'm back to blogging now and can't wait to share some of the posts I've been working on. Things are changing a little here on Dakota Avenue, and I hope that's okay. I created this blog 3 years ago which was the summer before I started college. I've changed a bit since then and want my blog to reflect that. Get excited!
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