May 28, 2014

may favorites

Rookie app. this is definitely my favorite photo editing app right now. it has everything! i'm currently using it for all of my #100happydays pictures

Sexy Stretch Leggings from Express. got two pairs of these on sale and i'm so glad i did. i practically live in them now

One Tree Hill. after watching the series a couple times through,  i had never watched the very final episode. i didn't want that world to ever come to an end so i just avoided it. well i finally watched it and it was rough. i was not okay, and i think i need to start from the beginning again.

Fashion Playground by Essie. love this mint green nail polish for spring/summer

May 7, 2014

Look Up

Look Up is a an eye-opening spoken word film. We're all addicted to the convenience of the internet and connection of social media, but sometimes we need to look up.
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