February 13, 2014

i forgot my phone

video thursday

When I was a senior in high school, I knew one person who had an iPhone. Three years later and I only know a handful of people that don't have a smartphone. It's crazy how quickly smartphones took over. We're at the point where people assume everyone has a smartphone of some kind and they're always connected. Apps are a part of daily life. I can get a free desert at this restaurant but I have to use their app to complete a survey. I can get weekly coupons from this store if I download their smartphone app. Class projects are done on smartphones. Schools have apps for tracking the buses on campus. Things have changed. And maybe I'm more aware of it because I'm in the small percent of people that still have a basic flip phone.

As everyone around me joined the iPhone club, I wanted one more and more. But now, I'm happy that I still have my old school phone instead of a smartphone. I specifically remember one time during my freshmen year of college when I met with a friend for lunch on campus. At the first pause in our conversation, she pulled up facebook on her phone and scrolled through it. I sat in silence for the longest time while she just ignored me and looked at facebook. It's sad that she couldn't get through lunch without checking social media. She couldn't spend time catching up with a friend without checking social media. And don't get me wrong, I love my social media and it would be cool to have it available at my fingertips, but there is the time and place for that. This type of situation is not unusual with friends. I know it's tempting to grab your phone as soon as it lights up with a notification, but it can wait!

The worst is when I'm with a group and somehow everyone gets on an iPhone break all at the same time. We'll be having a great conversation and then I'll look around and it's silent because everyone in the room is on their phone. I know they don't realize the long, awkward silence because they're interacting with people on the other side of that phone. But for me, I sit there and wait for them all to mentally return to their current location and resume the conversation. Enjoy the company of the people you're actually with!

Sometimes we just need to disconnect. My favorite time of year is the week I spend up north with my family. I leave everything in my room and get to disconnect for the whole vacation. It's so relaxing and really takes off the temptation to keep up with internet life. We should learn to appreciate moments more. Stop feeling like every little thing needs to be posted on facebook, twitter, instagram, or whatever so that others can see what cool thing you're experiencing. Just experience it for yourself. Every once in a while, just do something and enjoy it.

I know this post is a little different, but I had a lot of thoughts about this one. And many drafts of this post were typed up. It's been cooking for a few years haha. It seemed like the perfect time to post these thoughts after I saw this video. I'm no exception to this post. I've certainly been guilty of letting social media take over my life at times. When I catch myself in those moments, I take a step back and think about the bigger picture. Obviously smartphones are really cool and can do amazing things. Social media is really cool and can do amazing things. And not everyone is at this level of addiction, but I think sometimes people need a little reality check. I think this video is a good one.

Watch it here: "I Forgot My Phone"

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