February 28, 2014

february favorites

Cooperstown, NY. Spent a long weekend there for a wedding this month and i fell in love! wish i could have stayed longer. i had so much fun there with the family

All of Me - John Legend. i can't get enough of this song

Einstein Bros Bagels. essential for long car rides. also just discovered they have delicious smoothies!

Pantene 2-minute hair mask. best conditioner during this brutal winter

Black heels. I wore these all night and the height was amazing

Sweater Weather - The Neighborhood (cover). loooooove this cover of the song. i play it on repeat

Teen Wolf. my roommate got me watching this and it's actually not as bad as i thought

Instagram. i'm finally on instagram! i'm still learning but i love it (follow me at dakwright)

Lorde radio on Pandora. the mix on this radio station is perfection

Sochi 2014 Olympics. one of my favorite memories from this month was watching the olympics for
hours with my family every day & night

Alpine caramel apple cider. i've been addicted to this warm drink all winter. so cozy


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