December 17, 2013

blogmas: sharpie mug

On the 5th day of blogmas...

 photo IMG_7171.jpg
I made a sharpie mug! I've been seeing these all over pinterest for a long time and figured now is the perfect time to try it out. I got this blank mug from target and used a black sharpie for the writing. Before drawing anything, I used an alcohol swab to clean the side of the mug. I suggest practicing what you want to write on a piece of paper first because it's really hard writing on a curved surface. If you act fast enough after a mess up, you can use an alcohol swab to clean it up and start over. Once I finished my design, I baked it in the oven for 30 minutes at 425ºF without being preheated. After the 30 minutes, I left the oven open slightly so that the inside would cool down slowly. 

Now I haven't put this through the dishwasher yet, but most of the tutorials I read had these general instructions. Hopefully the design stays permanent, but I will update this post as soon as I find out!
 photo sharpiemug1.jpg  photo IMG_7151.jpg

Christmas countdown 

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