November 29, 2013

november favorites

A few of my favorite things during the month of November!

Indie Holidays Radio on Pandora. loooooove. it's basically a hipster christmas playlist that's perfect background music

All Too Well & Dear John - Taylor Swift. i've become re-obsessed with these songs

Pumpkin cupcakes. seriously delicious

Adore You - Miley Cyrus. started listening to her album and i really like this song

The Age of Worry - John Mayer. just discovered this one

Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea. perfect transition into the holiday season and tastes like sugar cookies! but maybe i add too much sugar . . .

Ribs - Lorde. i listened to the whole album on repeat for weeks. this song was one of my favorites and free on itunes!

Perfume - Britney Spears. i didn't like this song at all when i first heard it, but it grew on me


November 28, 2013

video thursday: thanksgiving edition

Happy Thanksgiving! 
Enjoy this cute thanksgiving-themed commercial: AT&T Thanksgiving Commercial


November 13, 2013

pumpkin cupcake

I recently discovered this Pumpkin Cupcake recipe from Real Simple. The cupcakes are so delicious that I've already made them twice in three weeks. I just had to share! I followed the cupcake recipe exactly except that I added about a 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon to the batter. As for the frosting, I used cream cheese frosting from the store and mixed in a good amount of cinnamon (add to taste). The best thing about these cupcakes? They taste even better a few days later. They get that delicious pumpkin gooeyness on top!

November 7, 2013

video thursday

Jimmy Kimmel asked parents once again to prank their children after halloween. Parents told their children they ate all of their halloween candy and recorded the reaction. It's pretty funny and if you haven't seen the prank videos from previous years, I recommend those as well. Watch the video here: YouTube Challenge - I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy
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