October 9, 2013

apt diy: headboard

All summer long I was browsing pinterest for bedroom decoration ideas for my new apartment. After seeing a million perfect bedrooms, I knew I wanted a cute headboard. This worked out perfectly because the bed supplied by the apartment was just a basic frame. I could be as creative as I wanted with a headboard! 

To start out, I used a piece of drywall cut to about 4 feet wide and 2.5 feet tall. My dad had some left over in our garage and helped me cut it to size. I know not everyone has extra drywall laying around so a large piece of cardboard would be another option! I knew I wanted my headboard to have a wood look so I went on the hunt for some scrapbook paper. I found the perfect pattern at Michaels and picked up about 10 sheets. Before starting, I used some white duct tape to give the edges a smooth finish. From there, I lined up all the scrapbook sheets and glued them down with a glue stick. Now the headboard is at the top of my bed resting on the bed frame!
IMG_1952 IMG_6620 IMG_6630 IMG_6771


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