July 15, 2013


Inspired by my recent drive up north with family, here is my guide to a successful car ride for summer travels:

Breakfast on the go. if you're waking up with the sun to start a long car ride, pick up some breakfast before you leave! we like to make a quick stop at Einstein Bagels or McDonalds breakfast for an easy and delicious meal in the car.

Snacks/candy. me and my brothers always make a trip to the store the day before a big trip to stock up on snacks and our favorite candy. they make a long car ride much more enjoyable!

Gas station stop. i don't know why but it's kind of exciting when you pull off the highway to stop in a new area. i like to browse the gas station for unique snacking options or maybe get an icee. it adds to the adventure!

Music playlist. the music played during the car ride becomes the soundtrack to the vacation so it's very important! i like to always make a summer playlist with new songs and then some of those oldies that everyone knows the words to.

Friends. it's always a good idea to be friends with the people you're stuck in the car with. lucky for me, i get along pretty well with my brothers and actually enjoy being stuck in a car with them.

Pillows. everyone wants to be comfortable! especially when taking a car nap.

Book/magazines. this is the perfect time to finally read that book or catch up on celebrity gossip. i like to pick up a magazine when i go to the store the day before and it lasts me all week!

Trivia game. i love playing trivia games in the car with my brothers. we used to play Harry Potter trivia, but more recently we've been playing Friends trivia. we like to ignore the game board and just read the cards to each other. 

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