May 1, 2013


Throughout my many years of school I have become a great procrastinator. This problem has only grown since moving on to college. Finals week is especially hard because I have days at a time of nothing to do but study since classes are already over. This semester my first final is today (Wednesday). That means I had Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday to sit around and do nothing but study. It was a challenge. Here's what I did most of the time:  

1. check twitter
2. think about what i should eat next
3. listen to my "RED 2013" playlist in preparation for the taylor swift concert
4. clean my room
5. read blogs (here's a new one i've started reading)
6. check facebook 
7. sing along to "all too well" on repeat
8. think about what i'll do as soon as i get home
9. start taking down my decorations
10. check the weather (usually the 10 day forecast)
11. pack up my room
12. plan how i will celebrate on thursday after coloring in that very last scantron bubble
13. make a summer bucket list
14. look up the flavors at the new frozen yogurt place on campus
15. create this blog post
16. pick my next nail polish color
17. video editing 
18. browse this very entertaining tumblr page about my school
19. start a summer playlist
20. braid my hair
21. refer to this countdown to when i finish finals

Current obsessions:
1,000 Ships - RACHEL PLATTEN 

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