May 31, 2013

may favorites

 What I've been loving this month!
House Hunters International. it's become a regular thing that me and my brother watch this until like 3 a.m.

Pac Sun. i just started shopping here and i really like it! no idea why it took me this long to give the store a chance.

RED album - Taylor Swift. after the concert, i had the songs stuck in my head for weeks. i was obsessed all over again

Starbucks Caramel Ribbon Crunch frappucino. i was really disappointed when they didn't bring back the Mocha Coconut frappucino this season. But I tried this new one, and it's pretty good too!

Ed Sheeran. he was so good at the concert! 

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil: Iced Mocha. new eyeshadow obsession

The Office. watching this series wrap up was bittersweet. made me want to go back and start watching all over from season one

Roadtrippers website. perfect for planning summer vacations! i spent hours on this site when i first discovered it. i looked up my favorite 'up north' towns and even my current city. it was fun learning about the local places that i never noticed before. such a cool website!

PINK Sweet & Flirty body mist. this has a grapefruit scent in it so i just had to pick it up. smells like summer to me :)

May 28, 2013


 On this day two years ago, I decided to start this blog. I had just finished high school and was looking for something to do before I started college in the fall. When I first started posting, I didn't tell anyone about my blog. I was still figuring out the blog world and not sure if I was even going continue mine. A few months went by before I finally decided to share my blog with other people.

Two years later and I'm still blogging! I'm so proud of myself for sticking with it and blogging even when it was hard to find the time. It's a creative outlet that is so special to me, and I love it. Coming up with blog ideas, finding new recipes, sharing tips & ideas, taking pictures, working on DIY projects, creating blog series and everything else that comes with blogging has truly become my favorite thing to do. 

To celebrate this blogiversary, I decided it was time for a new look. I now know way more about html code and css than I ever imagined I would. I hope you all enjoy the new look, and I can't wait to share all the posts I have prepared for summer!

Thank you so much to everyone that reads my blog! It makes my day :)

May 23, 2013

video thursday: two

SoulPancake's video about Zach Sobiech's last days has been floating around the internet and generating a lot of buzz for the past few days. And for good reason. It's an inspiring story that will probably make you cry. The video follows Zach during his last few months of life while he says goodbye to family and friends. His song in the video even made it to the #1 spot on iTunes this week. Watch the video here!

May 22, 2013

chocolate chip pancakes

I woke up this morning to some very gloomy weather outside. On top of that, I had woken up early to get some homework done for my summer class. Basically, the day was not looking too fun. So I decided treat myself and make some chocolate chip pancakes to brighten up my day. I forgot that chocolate chip pancakes are so extremely delicious! They really did the trick!

May 17, 2013

simple rings

I love rings, but I always have trouble finding ones that I like. So I decided to make my own! I bought some jewelry wire and went to work. And once I realized how easy it was to make my own, I went a little crazy. I felt like I could make any ring that popped into my head! On top of that, it's super easy to adjust the size so that I can wear it on any finger. Here's how I made them!
Start by wrapping some jewelry wire around something like a nail polish top or a marker. This gives the ring a perfect shape. Cut the wire so that it overlaps slightly. This will allow for easy size adjustments later. Try it on! Then squeeze or pull the ring apart slightly to properly customize the ring size.
Once the size is satisfactory, do any additional wire trimming. I like to leave a slight overlapping so that I can change the size depending on what finger I'm wearing it on. Once the wire is trimmed, use a nail file to smooth the rough wire edges. Done with ring #1!
For the second ring, follow the same steps as above. Once the wire is cut, use your fingers to bend a "V" shape into the front of the ring. Follow up with any wire trimming and use the nail file to smooth the edges. Done with ring #2! I made two of these and wore them stacked. 

May 15, 2013

red tour

Taylor Swift's RED tour recently came through my state so of course I had to be there! I'm extremely lucky to be able to say that this was my 4th t.swift concert. Her concerts amaze me every single time. I'm not even sure how else to describe it. It's an experience that I'll always remember. Not that I ever lost it, but it was like I became a fan all over again at that concert. She's pretty awesome. 

Current obsessions:
Clarity - ZEDD

May 13, 2013

sunset nails

nail of the day!
china glaze - flip flop fantasy  and  sinful colors - 24/7
I've been wanting to try something more exciting on my nails for a while now, and I finally decided on some ombre! I tried this nail trend last summer in this post, but only as an accent nail. This time I went all out. I had to use one nail as a sort of trial run, but then I found a good technique. I chose to use a bright coral and a hot pink.

I started with a white base coat and let that sit for about a day before sponging on the ombre colors. I found that if I started sponging on the ombre colors too soon after the white base coat, the sponge would actually pick up the white polish and ruin the paint. I also decided that a dry sponge worked best for me instead of a damp sponge like many tutorials suggest. I suggest cutting the wedge sponge into 4 pieces to get maximum usage and best fit for the nail. I ended up doing about 2-3 coats of the ombre in order to get the solid, bright colors that I wanted. A clear top coat got rid of any sponge texture left on my nails. Not sure if that made any sense, but here are some pictures if that helps! This tutorial from The Beauty Department blog might be helpful as well!
Current obsessions:
Nightingale - DEMI LOVATO

May 12, 2013

mother's day

Why my mom is great & what I love about our relationship:

1. We watch TV shows together (Pretty Little Liars, Revenge, Kardashians, and The Bachelor/Bachelorette to name a few)
2. On her day off she drives to school to pick me up for the weekend
3. She worries about me when I don't immediately return a phone call
4. My parents wave to me from the car as they drive away from my dorm
5. She always gives me advice
6. We make late night Tim Hortons runs to get french vanilla cappuccinos
7. She's always up for watching/going out to see a movie together
8. We can go shopping together
9. She cooks my favorite dinners when I'm home for the weekend
10. She surprises me with delicious homemade treats when visiting me at school
11. We watch General Hospital together
12. She buys concert tickets for me if they go on-sale while I'm in class
13. She's always willing to go to Target with me
14. We read the same book and then immediately watch the movie version together

...and a million other things. Happy Mother's Day! :)

May 9, 2013

video thursday: one

John Krasinski and Jimmy Fallon compete in a lip-sync battle. That's really all you need to know. It's a really entertaining video that made me like them both even more (if that's even possible). Watch the video here

In other news, today I reached a little bit of a blogger milestone: 200 posts! I can't believe I've already reached 200 posts just a few weeks before hitting the 2 year mark. I know I have a pretty small audience, but a huge thank you goes out to those of you that continue to read my blog!


May 1, 2013


Throughout my many years of school I have become a great procrastinator. This problem has only grown since moving on to college. Finals week is especially hard because I have days at a time of nothing to do but study since classes are already over. This semester my first final is today (Wednesday). That means I had Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday to sit around and do nothing but study. It was a challenge. Here's what I did most of the time:  

1. check twitter
2. think about what i should eat next
3. listen to my "RED 2013" playlist in preparation for the taylor swift concert
4. clean my room
5. read blogs (here's a new one i've started reading)
6. check facebook 
7. sing along to "all too well" on repeat
8. think about what i'll do as soon as i get home
9. start taking down my decorations
10. check the weather (usually the 10 day forecast)
11. pack up my room
12. plan how i will celebrate on thursday after coloring in that very last scantron bubble
13. make a summer bucket list
14. look up the flavors at the new frozen yogurt place on campus
15. create this blog post
16. pick my next nail polish color
17. video editing 
18. browse this very entertaining tumblr page about my school
19. start a summer playlist
20. braid my hair
21. refer to this countdown to when i finish finals

Current obsessions:
1,000 Ships - RACHEL PLATTEN 
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