March 7, 2013

hair envy

hair envy
  While I was sitting in the theater watching Safe Haven, I couldn't stop staring at Julianne Hough's hair. Her short, blonde hair was so cute and beachy! It really made me want to cut my hair short again. I've had longer hair for most of my life, but a few years ago I chopped off about 11 inches. Now it's all grown back long again, and I'm starting to think about cutting it short. Every time I see another celebrity (especially those who had long hair that I looooved) cut their hair short, I start to think about how great short hair is. They make it look so cute! When I do make the cut, I will definitely miss the versatility of long hair. But oh well, short hair with some beachy waves is another favorite look of mine! 

I pulled some pictures of the celebrities that have inspired my short hair envy and possible future cut. When I cut it a few years ago, it was all because of Selena Gomez. I loved her short haircut! More recently, I've been obsessed with Ashley Benson's hair when I watch Pretty Little Liars. It always looks good! Although this haircut is probably months away, I've already starting thinking about ombre. I love the ombre trend, and I think it looks really good on short hair. We'll see if that actually happens..

Current Obsessions:
Heart Attack - DEMI LOVATO
What You Wanted - ONEREPUBLIC

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